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Fall Semster Fall Semster Fall Semster

What’s the Big Idea?

50 – 100+ Students from multiple Schools engaged with regional entrepreneurs to evaluate opportunities.


bulletIdentify problems/pains
bulletPropose solutions
bulletDetermine market size


5 – 10 Ideas selected for detailed Business case development during Spring Semester blah blah blah...

Idea 2 Startup?


5 – 10 student teams work to develop prototype business plans and proof of concepts with guidance from business/technology leaders.


Competitive strategy
bulletIP issues
bulletFinancial models
bulletGo to market strategy
bulletWorking Proof of Concept


High potential opportunities selected for Student Sandbox blah blah blah...

Student Sandbox


Hands-on guidance from technology business and professional services firms.

Full business plan including funding strategy and startup team.

bulletTechnology assistance including free or discounted Hardware, software and consultiing services.


Successful candidates offered seed funding and other services for official launch of business blah blah blah...

Fall Semster Fall Semster Fall Semster